Hello world!


I have pondered the wisdom of getting involved in something like a blog for a while.  My chief concern has been whether I have the time to do the thing justice, but I have now bitten the bullet and am going for it.  I trust that you will find my musings interesting and maybe even insightful.  I’ll try to give you a glimpse of the real me in the process. 

Right now I’m looking forward to the weekend – busy as it will be!  A balance of home, church and some quality me-time on my bicylce while listening to Wolfi speaking about where God is in the midst of suffering on my ipod. 

One interesting point:  It occurred to me recently that had there been no suffering, not only would there be no freedom, because the ability to choose (having a choice) implies the ability to do evil as well as good, but there would be no forgiveness as it was Christ’s suffering on the cross that brought us forgiveness and is the ultimate expression of love! No suffering, no love – all of us just automatons.

What’s your view on suffering?


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