Human Trafficking

I watched the movie Whistleblower last night with my teenage children. I knew the movie was about human trafficking after the conflict in Serbia, and I have always wanted my girls to be aware of sex traffickers and how this heinous crime is still, if not more so, widely occurring. I used the opportunity offered by the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson to appeal to my teens to make it easy for me and Anina (my wife) to protect them. I purposefully try to find opportunities to remind them of this in order to encourage them to be mindful of what they do when they use social media, as so many predators actively use these media to locate potential victims.

But this movie has moved me more deeply from a position of trying to prevent it happening to my teenagers, to thinking and praying about what we can do to combat this plague on humanity more actively. I will try to share what I find as I go on, but aside from praying for the victims and perpetrators to be found and saved, physically and spiritually, I believe we need to actively be working to make society aware of the issues.

Start by watching this movie which is not entertaining, but thoroughly shocking and deeply moving. I would urge Christians to guard against cocooning ourselves from the horrors of this world in the name of holiness. ;I would warn you not to go there if you have issues with abuse. ;I would urgently request that if you indulge in pornography, that you consider that your interest creates the environment for this crime to prosper. ;I would urge you to view this movie and consider the question, “Have I supported sex traffickers?” even unknowingly.

May God help us all to be part of the solution, not part of this problem.

Message me directly on Facebook if you need prayer or advice, and I promise I’ll tr to help you as best I can.


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